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Forced Order
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Organizations against alcohol
People who raised livestock on the frontier
Width of tracks that made linkage difficult
Whites at the bottom of the Southern social structure
Politics based upon Jefferson's beliefs
Presidential candidate Jackson pushed for
Another name for Lowell system
Madison's War
Extension of voting rights to all white males
Idea of government involvement
How money is spread out
Lower class that often did menial labor
Western state with gold
Intense religion revived in South
South Carolina nullified this tariff
People pushing for immediate emancipation
Nation which emmigrated Germans (HINT)
People who looked for and sold ore
Second national money managing entity
Descendents of freed slaves
Politics based upon Jackson's beliefs
Illegal activity in which (generally) women receive money for sexual favors
First Whig President
Places built to take care of orphans (hint)
Power of determining laws unconstitutional
Agriculture and slavery oriented region
Compromise that contained the Fugitive Slave Act
Man (hint) involved in pushing for public education
Technological advancer who invented the cotton gin
Notion that women should stay at home
Economy based on internal trade
Charismatic speaker who campaigned for emanicipation and women's rights
Began news paper the Liberator
Allowed long distance communication
Camp meetings
QuestionAnswerExtra Info
Whig president who took over from Harrison
Major anti-large government stance of Jacksonians
Languge system for the telegraph
Organizations created to better workers' conditions
Commercial farming and fur trapping oriented region
State that was once part of Spain and then Mexico but gained its indepedence
Attitude of considering slaves as children
Acted as middlemen
Tracks that carry trains
Freed over 300 slaves
Newspaper written by William Lloyd Garrison
American belief that they deserved to spread out to the Pacific
Lent money to everyone
Act forcing Indians into Oklahoma
Produced specialized machines for growing industries
Changes in the economy from prosperity to panics
Large swells of immigration
Money managing businesses
Restrictive laws on blacks
Vice that involves betting
Tradesmen, brokers, other professionals
Policy ending purchase of land on credit
Discovery of gold in California started this
Sellers of the clothing
Era in which canals were the prime mode of commerce (hint hint)
Prisons which reformed the inmates
Tariff passed during Adams's administation
Places built to help treat mentally ill patients
Settlers who move onto land without buying it
Farmers without slaves
Support network established by Jackson became this party
Ability of states to not observe national law
Boats with steam engines
Name for Texas as a sovereign nation
Accusations that party caucuses were undemocratic brought this about
QuestionAnswerExtra Info
Policy of appointing who you wanted to public offices
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Economic crisis caused by the Specie Circular
Invention which weaved clothing
Women's rights organization founded by Susan B. Anthony
Successful slave rebellion
Worker-enticement system
Freed slave who wrote The North Star
Party formed in opposition of the Democrats
Common commercial enterprise on the frontiers
Commerce and business oriented region
Also called Seven Years' War
Industry that developed because of the need to ship products
Deal between Adams and Clay
Accused Jackson of murdering his enlisted men
State of not having enough money to survive
British proclamation preventing western expansion
Route from Maryland to West Virginia
Northern innovation that spen up production
Transformers of textiles into finished products
Rule ending discussion on slavery
Groups of US Congressmen who chose their nominees
Area co-owned by the US and the British
Gambling activity involving random chance winning
Technological innovation allowing products to be made in a line
Religious revitalism involving camp meetings
Court case used to determine the Bank constitutional
Another name for the Tariff of 1828
Resentment between geographical regions
Invention which sped up cotton harvesting
Island nation next to Britain
Famous battle in Texan Revolution
Successful Canal that linked New York to Europe
Network of hiding places to free slaves
Election between 4 Democratic Republican candidates

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