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Can you name the People of Jackson's Presidency?

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Jackson's nickname was '_______ ________.'
Jackson blamed the mudslinging from the campaign of 1828 for killing his wife, __________.
Peggy Eaton's husband, John Eaton, was Jackson's ____________ _____ _________.
The American System was proposed by ________ _______.
________ ________ defended the doctrine of nullification in 1828.
Who ruled that the Cherokees didn't need to give up their land?
Clay became known as the '______ _______.'
Clay represented the ________'s interest
Who said, 'Liberty and Union, now and forever, one and inseparable.'?
What two presidents had previously supported the American System?
The Bank War was between:
_______ _____ ________ was Jackson's handpicked successor.

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