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women's role is to raise children as virtuous citizenswomen
turning point in the American Revolutionwar
raith in the human capacity to achieve a better lifeutopian
widespread campaign to convince Americans to drink less alcohol1826
stresssed the importance of human intuition, nonconformity, and belief that truth could be found in natureFuller, Thoreau, Emerson
anti-foreign reaction among W.A.S.P.know-nothings
belief that America was foreordained to extend across entire continentJohn L. O'Sullivan
idea that settlers in a given territory have the right to decide whether or not to accept slaverybleeding Kansas
official term given to fugitive slavesCivil War
divine rights of all men that cannot be revokedconstitution
marked the begining of women's rights movementElizabeth Cady Stanton
leading educational reformerMassachusetts
created special hospitals for the mentally illreform
immigrants who settled in fast growing port cities along the NE coastpotato famine
which case ruled that neither slaves nor free blacks were citizens1857

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