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unlucky numbersame pronunciation as 'death'
many elderly Chinese enjoy being asked their age. true/false?wisdom
steamed buns and noodles symbolize:birthdays
Chinese finger-guessing game in Pinyintone marks not included
name the four traditional tools needed for calligraphyno commas, no 'and'
name the three most commonly known Chinese inventionsno commas, no 'and'
the animal that famously did NOT make it into the zodiacoutsmarted by rat
the main food source of the Giant Pandareason for sixth digit on their paws
traditional Chinese sport in which relaxation and breathing play a big partin Pinyin/ tone marks not included
how many years of primary school for Chinese students?education
years of junior high?education
years of senior high?education
years of tertiary school?education
there IS a detention system in Chinese schools. true/false?discipline
three principles of Chinese food preparationlast word=good for all three/ no commas
most unique Chinese cooking utensiltools
considered unsuitable to be placed on the tabletools

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