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Can you name the Industrial (and EBM) bands/artists based on song titles?

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WWIII, Juke Joint Jezebel, Free Your Hate
Tragic Hero, My Fortune, City of Darkness
N.W.O., Just One Fix, Stigmata
Piggy, Hurt, Wish
Mindphaser, Unleashed, Fragmented
Guilty, Blame, Enough
Suffering You, I Fail Truth, And I Go
Haunting Me, Shame, Save Yourself
After the Flesh, The Velvet Edge, A Daisy Chain 4 Satan
Headhunter, Crapage, Quite Unusual
Own Little World, Switchback, Frozen
Deep Red, Love Never Dies, Starsign
Assimilate, Worlock, Smothered Hope
Thunder Kiss '65, More Human Than Human, Starface
Shelter, Regret, Former Self
Carnival, Souls, Timekiller
Thorns, Die In Winter, Fear In Motion
Stupid MF, Shut Me Up, Revenge
Sent To Destroy, Without Emotions, Get Your Body Beat
Chaos, Neverland, Remember

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