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What was the first century that Ren. poetry came to England?
How many lines in a standard sonnet?
The couplet can summarize or __________ the writer's point of view.
In Iambic Pentameter, every other syllable is _________.
Country where Renaissance Movement Originally Began
Another name for Shakespearean Sonnet
Another name for Italian Sonnet
Main difference between Shakespearean and Spenserian sonnets?
Rhyme Scheme of Last 6 lines of English Sonnet
Vocab Word: Another name for a 'turn' in a piece of poetry/ change of tone or mood
An exaggeration is an example of __________ speech, a common theme in Renaissance poetry
Sonnet 18 is a standard example of ___________ of a lover (putting on a pedestal)
Name for 4 lines in a piece of poetry is a ____________, which composes the first three sections of an English sonnet.
Last two lines in sonnet
Italian sonnet is arranged in an octave and a _______________.
Most famous Metaphysical poet
Most prominent Cavalier poet
Metaphysical poems often had __________ references or topics, unlike Cavalier poetry.
Metaphysical poems famous for introducing the ______________ into writing
A conceit is also known as an extended ___________.
Cavalier poetry is typically __________ in subject matter (not particularly concerned with religious/spiritual matters)
The female who recited 'Good Morrow' that you listened to on YouTube.
1st Line of Sonnet 18 reads 'shall I compare thee to a __________ ___________?
Last line of Sonnet 130 'as any she belied with false ______'
Hyperbole in 'The Broken Heart' by John Donne: 'who will believe me if I swear that I have had the ______________ a year?'
In both 'The Legacy' and 'Lover's Diet', John Donne is very __________ of his lover, quick to point out her flaws.
In 'The Legacy', Donne romantically gushes that a lover's hour is equal to an ____________.
The fact that Donne's lover in 'The Legacy' had a heart with corners showed that she was __________.
What does 'cozen' mean? To trick or ________
In 'Lover's Diet', John Donne claims that his name is fortieth on an entail. What is an entail? A written settlement of a deceased person's ______________.
Name of predator fish mentioned in 'The Broken Heart' that victimizes fry fish.
Bird (often prey) referenced in 'Lover's Diet' as a symbol of John's weak heart _____________
The idea of love being able to 'grow', 'feed ', and 'diet' are examples of ______________
'Tears are the ___________ of lovers', is often a reference to John Donne's 'Lover's Diet'.
Vocab Word: mournful, melancholy poem used to lament for the dead.
Vocab Word: A logical statement leading to a contradiction or defying logic or reason.
Vocab Word: Poetic lyric inscribed on funerary monuments.
Cavalier poets live by the phrase '______ ______' or 'seize the day'.
Most common noted example of a conceit in poetry is John Donne's poem 'The _____.'
Renaissance means _______ or reconstruction and focuses on the humanities.
Poets were regarded more _______ in the 17th century than they are today.
Surprisingly, Shakespeare wrote multiple sonnets to a ____.
Renaissance poetry has strong romantic _______, such as a summer's day, rose buds, and golden mornings.
Contrary to popular belief, the first sonnets translated into English were not introduced by Shakespeare but rather by Sir _______ ______.
The humanities consist of music, art, and _______________.
Everyone loves Renaissance poetry. True or False?

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