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QUIZ: Can you name the Major Bones of the Body?

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Cloodle, Humdinger, and Sensosketch
Greek for Jawbone
Can you scratch my shoulder?
Ever since I can remember I've been poppin my collar
Think Adam and Eve
Umm, the Highest Paid Radio Figure in the US
Is he really that funny?
Half the Diameter
Connects the elbow to the pinky side of your hand
We have these to make the octopi and worms jealous
The King of Rock and Roll knew how to move this
Isn't there a special lane on the highway for this
'Adjacent to the Carpals'
Sounds like our furry friends from Madagascar
Aka your knee cap
The strongest weight-bearing bone in the body!
'I'm sorry, professor, I must not tell lies'
Relax and dig your toes into the sand, but watch out thanks to BP
The most commonly fractured bones
Polydactyly is having more than 5...

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