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In electron shells, the first shell has the lowest
Hydrogen bonds are _______ than Covalent bonds
The molecular shape of a molecule is determined by the positions of the ____________
The unit of measurement for subatomic particles is ___________
Chemical behavior of an atom is determined by ___________
A ______ is a molecule that has opposite charges at the ends of the molecule
Acid precipitation has a ph less than _____
______ are substances that minimize change in the concentration of H+ and OH- in a solution
____ is the # of moles of solute per liter of solution
One property of water is _____
Carbon atoms have what type of valence?
A structural isomer is different in ___ arrangements
A geometric isomer is different in ___ arrangements
The primary energy transferring molecule in a cell is called
A mirror image molecule is called
Proteins consist of one or more ______
Fats are composed of fatty acids and ______
Another name for ribonucleic acid
Double Helix founded by these two
Sugars are also known as ____

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