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Forced Order
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(1) Individual liberties and rights (2) Problems with calculation (3) Motives and character (4) Moral status of relationships with others
(1) Clarity of guidance (2) Competing virtues (3) Circularity of virtuousness
(1) Mind without body not conceivable (2) What is conceivable may not be possible (3) The logically possible tells us nothing about reality
(1) Dualist arguments (2) Multiple realisability (3) Spatial location
(1) A zombie world is not conceivable (2) What is conceivable is not necessarily possible (3) What is logically possible tells us nothing about reality
(1) Certainty of the mind's existence (2) Folk psychology has good predictive and explanatory power (3) Self-refuting theory
(1) Consequences show moral value (2) Problems of application (3) Value of motives (4) Competing duties
(1) Inverted qualia (2) Block's Chinese Mind (3) Mary's Room Argument
(1) Mary gains ability or acquaintance knowledge (2) All physical knowledge would include qualia (3) More than one way of knowing the same physical fact (4) No new knowledge
(1) Mental is divisible in some sense (2) Not everything physical is divisible
(1) Impossible to know other minds (2) Threat of Solipsism (1+2 - response) Argument from analogy
(1) Conceptual and empirical causation (2) Causal redundancy of mental, introspection, free will and responsibility
(1) Definition of mental states (2) Circularity and multiple realisability (3) Mental states without behaviour (4) Asymmetry of self knowledge and knowledge of other mental states

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