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White 'SU' with yellow outline and light blue background
Black 'G' with yellow background
Bird with blue body,red head,yellow beak, and has shoes on
Purple cat
White Bulldog with dark blue background
Red 'S' interlockeing with black 'U'
Dark and light blue Blue Jay with a big'C' behind it
light blue lion with dark blue mane
Red shield with an 'H' in the middle
Pirate skull with crossbones under it and wearing a purple pirate hat
White 'T' with red background
Red and black hawk with gold beak and red background
Orange and blue letters with a pick axe as the 'T'
Dark brown hawk with green eye and 'L' in the background
Yellow and Blue spartan head
Purple 'W' with tan outline
Red cougar with hidden 'W' 'S' in it
Green 'O' with yellow outline
Yeloow and Blue roadrunner Head
White Bulldog head with blue 'Y'
Blue state of Louisiana with red 'T'
White 'T' with teal colored wave
Dark blue 'X'
Black 'G' with a white background and thin red circle surrounding it
Gray and blue lion wearing a crown
Light blue interlocking 'N' 'C'
Yellow 'C' with blue outline
Red and blue hornet
Blue 'I' with a riptide in the middle
Red 'S' with pine tree
Purple and yelloe bulldog head
Orange 'I' with dark blue outline
Yellow 'TTU' with purple outline
Fierce looking black and gray bear head
Green and yellow bison

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