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Can you name the Random NCAA Logos?

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TSU with Tiger Logo
'B'with a Cardinal Bird
ACU with Purple Wildcat
Blue 'AF' with white background
Orange Steer Skull
Black and Red enlocked 'TT'
Dark Brown Bobcat
Maroon 'ATM'
Green Eagle with initials 'N.T.'
Blue and Orange Horse
Brown Cowboy and bucking horse with yellow outline
Red 'S'and 'J' with a small T connecting to the top of the J
Yellow 'WV' with blue outline
Purple Antelope with white stomach
Yellow and Purple 'A'
White Ram head with green background in circle
Black buffalo with a gold 'CU' in the middle
Black,Yellow, and White tiger
Gray and White Bulldog with blue outline
Maroon 'M' with yellow outline
Red 'A' with elephant
Orange Pawprint
Red pawprint with black claws and a with white 'SD'
Blue and Yellow rabbit
Purple and Yellow Panther
Red 'S' with black letter 'D' and black arrow going through the letter 'D'
Black and Orange Beaver
Blue 'UK' with White Outline or visa versa
Green gator with blue outline, an orange tounge and in a oval
Green and Orange Rattlesnake
Black and Yellow Tiger with purple 'LSU'
Green 'H' with white on the sides of the 'H'
Red 'UD' with nickname Flyers
White 'A' with navy blue Kangeroo head
White lion head surrounded by navy blue in an oval
Red 'O' with initials 'O.S.'
Big Yellow 'M' with very slim navy blue outline
Green Spartan head
Big Red 'N' with white outline
Purple 'N' with white wildcat head
Green and White flash with gold star at the end and team nickname is Patriots
Red 'U' in a white circle with Indian Feathers attached
Red and Black Wolf Head
Red Hog

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