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Can you name the thing in each group that is not Canadian?

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Actors born in Canada: a) Dan Aykroyd b) Eugene Levy c) John Goodman d) Mike Myers
Canadian cities: a) Charlottetown b) Victoria c) Yellowknife d) Nuuk
Canadian bands: a) Barenaked Ladies b) The Tragically Hip c) Simple Plan d) Aqua
Canadian Prime Ministers: a) John Key b) Mackenzie King c) Stephen Harper d) Jean Chretien
Canadian provinces and territories: a) Nunavut b) British Columbia c) Turks and Caicos Islands d) Prince Edward Island
Nobel Prize laureates with Canadian citizenship: a) Alice Munro b) Dan Shechtman c) Lester Pearson d) Frederick Banting
Buildings in Canada: a) Palace of the Nation b) Dundurn Castle c) CN Tower d) Chateau Frontenac
National Symbols of Canada: a) Lacrosse b) Caribou c) Horse d) Maple tree
Athletes who won Olympic gold medals (summer or winter) for Canada: a) Donovan Bailey b) Mario Lemieux c) Missy Franklin d) Simon Whitfield
Musicians born in Canada: a) Neil Young b) Avril Lavigne c) Natasha Bedingfield d) Paul Anka
GroupNot CanadianExtra Information
Companies founded in Canada: a) BlackBerry Limited b) Lululemon Athletica c) Campbell Soup Company d) Hudson's Bay Company
Canadian monarchs (either over the colony, Dominion, or sovereign state): a) Louis XIV b) Elizabeth I c) Victoria d) Louis XVI
Authors with Canadian citizenship: a) Daniel Defoe b) Margaret Atwood c) Yann Martel d) Lucy Montgomery
Colleges and universities in Canada: a) Université Laval b) Kapiolani Community College c) Queen's University d) George Brown College
Canadian islands: a) Ellesmere Island b) Baffin Island c) Manitoulin Island d) Saint Pierre Island
Canadian federal holidays: a) Independence Day b) Good Friday c) Labour Day d) Christmas Day
Television series with a Canadian origin: a) Coronation Street b) Degrassi: The Next Generation c) Fraggle Rock d) Mr. Dressup
Canadian alcohol brands: a) Alexander Keith's b) Grey Goose c) Crown Royal d) Molson
Canadian-born game show hosts: a) Alex Trebek b) Alan Thicke c) Howie Mandel d) Pat Sajak
Facts about Canada: a) Drives on the right b) Has overseas territories c) Constitutional monarchy d) Has a Senate

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