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QUIZ: Can you name the missing component of the given mental disorder?

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Disorder: DescriptionAnswerMore Info
Cotard Delusion: Belief that you are no longer _____?Opposite of Bruce Willis.
Paris Syndrome: Culture Shock and Mental Breakdown caused by visiting a famous city. This condition is mostly exclusive to the ____.PICTURE! PICTURE! PICTURE! PICTURE!
Stendhal Syndrome: Feeling of illness, weakness, or hallucination when exposed to large amounts of what _____.'Wow, exquis... aaahblarghblargh!!!!'
Bigorexia: Belief that you are not ___ enough. And obsession with becoming more ____.**** Anorexia.
Actromophilia: Sexual attraction to a/an ______Would make a couple that's not 'all there' in more ways than one.
Urolagnia: One derives sexual pleasure from _____.Your in.
Tarantism: Nervous tick marked by manic or hysterical fits of ____.Kevin Bacon - 'Footloose'
Lycomania: Person believes themself to be a/an ____.were____
Androphobia: A persistent and irrational fear of _____.A little difficult to avoid.
Amok: A sudden, uncontrollable episode marked by the urge to ____.see also: 'running amok'
Boanthropy: The belief that one is a/an ___.Belief that you are delicious

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