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Can you name the if you are not named sasha, you probably won't have fun playing this?

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Little Jackie Paper Loved this rascal.
Leader of the Others (Total Dick)
Lyric: 'Well We've got the land, but they're got the___'
Leonard's Last name from Memento(2000).
Waffle Cabin was formerly called what?
Active Ingredient in Purell(Be specific)?
Which Toy has the ability to 'walk' down stairs?
Andy's Dorm room number?
In Russia, you give dis to baby when it cry.
Part of the Brain apparently names after a large water-dwelling mammal.
The correct way to spell altimente's.
Author of 'Confessions of an Alien Hunter: A Scientist Search For Extraterrestrial intelligence.'
JBT Corporation makes AGVs, which stands for what?
Basic Pattern To Juggle 17 Balls (If it was possible)
True or False: There are more plastic flamingos in the Unied States than real ones.
True or False: There a good reason Sporcle doesn't have many true/false quizzes?
Type of castle you build when there's no sand
'In Vino Veritas' means what in English?
To make a Sparkling Strawberry Float, garnish by topping with a what?
Name of Coldplay Album with 'Viva La Vida' on it.

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