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Forced Order
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Production up : Ammunition 100%, tanks 25%, total arms 60%
Nazi-Soviet pact
Operation Barbarossa > Moscow, Ukraine + Leningrad
Nuremburg Laws
El Almein failure
Jewish Boycott
Stauffenburg plot : (22/2,000 generals)
Wansee Conference > works on General Plan Ost (Meyer) + Hunger plan (Backe+Himmler)
Germany takes France
Kristallnacht > 100 deaths, 10,000 shops, 200 synagogues, 20,000 sent to camps
60% didn't answer anti-semitism as to why they joined NSDAP
Raid on Hamburg : 30,000 dead + 1 mill homeless
Stalingrad failure : 6th army of 300,000 surrendered
200,000 more women into the workforce (-1944) > KKK still hinders
D-Day : allied 3rd front in Northern France
Hitler commits suicide
Bishop Galen + 'Euthanasia policy' sermons
Battle of Britain failure
Speer appointed Minister of Armaments
Berlin Olympics

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