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Forced Order
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Nazi reorganisation
British Blockade ends
British Blockade
Nazi 12 seats v Muller's 'grand coalition'
NSDAP biggest party in Reichstag / Papen replaces Bruning
Stinnes Revolt
Hindenburg dies = Hitler Fuhrer
Reichstag Fire
Daily Telegraph Affair
Speer minister of Armaments = rise in production
'Law against the enslavement of the German people' referendum
Hitler commits suicide as USSR soldiers reach Berlin
Zabern Affair
Hyperinflation, Stressemann, Rentenmark
Auxilery Service Law
Stalingrad failure
Pro-Democratic collapse 6 mill
Raid on Hamburg
Ruhr Occupation
Muller's 'grand coalition' collapse
Kaiser Abdicates
Young plan - 1/4 price
Treaty of Versailles
D-Day - Northern France 3rd front
'Black Day' retreat
Wansee Conference
G takes france / looses Battle of Britain
Hitler chancellor
288 seats / postdam : malicious practices / enabling act
War Council
Wall Street Crash - Thuringa 11.3%
**** dies = Hindeburg
Neuremburg laws
NSDAP only legal party
Flag coalition
Dawes plan - g ability
1st Moroccan Crisis

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