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Can you name the countries by the firearm made in the country?

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WeaponCountryExtra Info
Lee-Enfield (Bolt-action rifle)Designed in 1907 and still used in various conflicts
AN-94 Abakan (Assault rifle)Replacing a legendary assault rifle serie as standard issue assault rifle
M1903 Springfield (Bolt-action rifle)Bolt action rifle first used in WWI
QSZ-92 (Semi-auto pistol)Currently being adopted by this country's armed forces
PPSh-41 (Submachine gun)Designed as an inexpensive alternative to the PPD-40
SV-98 (Sniper rifle)The rifle is based on the Record 300 m sporting rifle
FAMAS (Assault rifle)Standars issue rifle of the country's armed forces
MP 40 (Submachine gun)Produced by this axis power during WWII
SIG SG 550 (Assault rifle)Built for the armed forces of this country
M60 (General purpose MG)Made infamous during the Vietnam war
WeaponCountryExtra Info
FN Five-Seven (Semi-auto pistol)Companion pistol to the FN P-90 PDW
Carl Gustav recoilles rifle (Anti-armor)Nicknamed 'Drainpipe' in its country of origin
Glock 17 (Semi-auto pistol) Designed in 1982 to replace the WWII-era Walther P-38 used by this country's armed forces
C96 (Semi-auto/machine pistol)Built in 1899 in this empire
Mondragón rifle (Semi-auto rifle)The worlds first semi-automatic rifle
QBZ-95 (Rifle family)The QBZ-95 is available as an assault rifle, a carbine and a light support weapon
G36 (Assault rifle)Designed to replace the G3 as the country's standars issue rifle
Beretta 92 (Semi-auto pistol)Also known as the M9 pistol
Barrett M82 (Anti-materiel rifle/Sniper rifle)Used by various armed forces in the world
TAR-21 (Assault rifle)A modern bullpup rifle named after Mt. Tabor in the country of origin

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