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Forced Order
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J.K Rowling's favourite beast in the series
Ron Weasley's Patronus
Hufflepuff House Colours
Number of Weasley Children
Colour of Weasley hair
Person who killed Remus Lupin
Amount of Words total in the first seven books
Person who killed Nymphadora Tonks
Age when Dumbledore died
Age when Voldemort died
Meaning of Voldemort
Date Fred and George Weasley was borned on
Amount of Chapters total in all the books
Hogwarts's Motto in latin
Shape of Harry's Scar
Narcissa Malfoy's maiden name
Triwizard Champion from Beauxbaton
Harry Potter's Birthday
Slytherin House Colours
Name of Neville Longbottom's mother
Dumbledore's Crush
Number of Hogwart Houses
Actor who played Severus Snape
Amount of Pages total in all the books
Effective Oven Cleaner
HintAnswerExtra Info
Name of Neville's pet toad
Number of languages Harry Potter has been published in
The third DADA professor
Occupation of Hermione's parents
Patronus of Wormtail
Dumbledore in Old English
Length of all the films put together
Dumbledore's full name
Name of Remus and Tonks's child
Plant that Hogwarts was named after
Year that Lily Evans was born
Amount of fouls in Quidditch
House of J.K Rowling
Oldest Actor/Actress to Play a Hogwart student
Year J.K Rowling wrote the Last Chapter
The fifth DADA professor
Ravenclaw House Colours
Gryffindor House Colours
Meaning of Expecto Patronum
_________ Map
Hermione Granger's Patronus
Lily Potter's sister
Year the first book was published
Voldemort's Wand is made of ______
Colour of Harry Potter's eyes in the movies

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