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Where was Jane Grey proclaimed Queen by a council?
Who took an army to go get Mary Tudor?
Once Mary was at Westminster, Jane and Guildford Dudley were ________
Northumberland was executed after __________ his Protestant faith.
How old was Mary when she became Queen?
Who was Lord Chancellor during Mary's reign?
Parliament Fall 1553: Statute declared Mary ______
All statutes passed in Edward's reign were _________
True or false: all nuns/monks who had married were seperated and those who renounced vow of celibacy and married couldn't preach
Who came to England in the Fall of 1554 to represent the Pope and reconcile England with Rome
There would not be any restoration of what lands?
Mary revived and extended this act that was created by her father
How many people were killed during Mary's reign?
How many times did Cranmer recant his faith before his execution?
Who did Mary marry?
Who led a rebellion that opposed Mary's marriage that resulted in the execution of not only himself, but Jane Grey, Guildford Dudley, and Jane's father?
What did Mary lose in the French War?
Who created the first Dry Dock?
Who created the Navy Board and the position of Lord High Admiral?
What stalled the stalling of the wool trade as a result of inflation?
What market collapsed at this time?
Who got into Hudson Bay in 1505?
Who traveled to Africa and Brazil, even bringing Henry VIII back a Native American king?
Was Henry VIII interested in discovering passages?
What did the Syndicate wish to travel through?
What did the Syndicate want to get from the New World?
Who reached Archangel and created a wool trade with Ivan the Terrible?
What was the first joint stock company, established in 1555?

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