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Nucleotide =
Nucleosides in RNA =
Nucleosides in DNA =
Nucleotides in RNA =
Nucleotides in DNA =
B DNA means
Z DNA menas
What is it when there is a sudden increase in temperature when double stranded DNA becomes single stranded DNA and bases can absorb more UV light?
What is the temperature at which half the bases in double stranded DNA in a sample is denatured?
High temperature, low ion concentration, formamide and urea, low pH or high pH are factors that aid in?
Torsional stress in circular DNA:
RNA Primary Structure?
RNA secondary structure?
What is the RNA protein complex with RNA functioning as an enzyme?
What makes RNA less stable than DNA?
Which has larger grooves (more space for damaging enzymes): DNA or RNA?
How many rings does Purines have?
What holds phosphate and sugar together?
How many rings does Pyrimidines have?
True or False: DNA cannot bend on its axis.
What is the backbone of repeating pentose phosphate units with purine/pyrimidine side groups?
What provides directions for its own replication?
True or false: DNA controls protein synthesis
Enzyme that breaks/nicks and ligates in the phosphodiester bond in both strands of DNA is?

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