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This was an uprising in October 1556 that was sparked by the break with the Catholic Church and the dissolution of monasteries.
Who was the leader of this rebellion?
The uprising started in Lincoln and spread to where?
This person promised things to the protesters, requested Aske to go see the King, and ultimately came back with more forces to put down the rebellion.
What were the economic issues that resulted in Pilgrimage of Grace?
Who did the protesters want the dismissal of?
One year before Pilgrimage of Grace, Henry sent royal agents to investigate morality of whom?
This statute called for the dissolution of the smaller monasteries (ones with less than 200 pounds/yr). There were less than 300. First round started in 1536.
How many monasteries were dissolved?
7000 men no longer had a place to live. How many women no longer had anywhere to live?
True or false: At this time, monks/nuns were allowed to marry after dissolution.
How much of the land in England changed hands?
This was a right to appoint parish priest - one could sell it or inherit it.
What court was created to handle the dissolution?
Dr. Warnicke was really upset about the dissolution because of what happened to this material item.
This movement was spearheaded by Erasmus, Christian Humanists, helped the Reformation succeed.
This was passed in 1539 and stated that Henry's church was a Catholic church.
Church taught it was sinful to have sex in any position other than?
Incest and sodomy closely associated with
Witches extremely lustful, committed incest, and gave birth to _______ babies
This caused deformities in babies.
This was rumored to affect all of Henry's marriages
Bull of Excommunication issued by Pope Paul in January of what year?
This man painted a portrait of Anne of Cleves that was rumored to be skewed.
This man was executed after supposedly telling Anne of Cleves to be nicer to Henry and wanting to marry Mary Tudor (Henry's daughter).
The marriage to this woman resulted in a law that stated that it was treason if a woman married the King without disclosing her past sex life.
This law, created in 1542, stated that it was a felony to provoke the love of another. It was the first time that witchcraft was against the state and not just the Church.
Henry VIII decided to do what to the coinage; this resulted in inflation.
How many pounds did he receive from this?
How many pounds in debt was Henry towards the end of his reign?
Who did Catherine Parr marry after Henry VIII died in 1547?
From 1540 on, there was this position in the Privy Council
In Henry's will, what was the order of the succession?
Henry excluded who from the succession?
Henry created a council of how many men to help Edward VI rule?

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