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Mary Tudor, Henry VIII's only child with Catherine of Aragon, was treated as if she were...
Who was Henry's bastard son with Elizabeth Blunt?
What was the most important verse in Henry's argument for his divorce?
This verse ^ stated that if a man takes his brother's wife they will be ____
Henry argued that the Pope could dispense with Church law, but not with
If Henry's marriage to Catherine was annulled, Mary would be declared
Who did Pope Clement VII send to help Wolsey run a Papal Court in England, though he was told not to come to a verdict?
This man was indicted in court of King's Bench for violating the Statute of Praemunire, because Henry thought he wasn't doing all he could to get his divorce
Henry seized all of Wolsey's possessions, but spared him _____
Wolsey attempted to discuss the divorce with the Pope, so Henry tried to put Wolsey on trial for what?
On his way back from where did Wolsey die?
Where did priests, such as Cranmer, go to try to win support for Henry's cause?
Those in England and those who were hostile towards the Holy Roman Empire favored whom?
Those in Spain and Germany sided with?
Henry threatened entire church of England with:
Henry received a combined fee of how many pounds from Church?
Who was the Archbishop of Canterbury who asked King on behalf of clergy to accept disclaimer clause before they accepted him as their head?
During the Parliament of 1532, this was introduced into the House of Lords and House of Commons, complained that church legislated against King's assent in convocation?
As a result, created committee of 16 Parliamentary members and 16 convocation members to review laws passed, this meant they could not pass laws without ______ acceptance.
Around this time, More resigned as _____
Thomas More didn't want to be a part of a Church that wasn't part of whole ___________
True or false: More opposed Henry's divorce
Who was appointed Archbishop of Canterbury after Warham died in 1532?
Henry married Anne Boleyn in January 1533, making him a:
This was passed in 1533 and stated that certain judicial cases could not be appealed to Rome
This statute was passed in 1534 and stated that the king was the Supreme Head of the Church of England, ensuring that the Pope no longer had jurisdiction in England
Cranmer declared Henry's marriage to Catherine of Aragon _________
Important people had to take an oath relating to the ___________ that statedt hat they agreed to succession as laid out by the King and swore to the division of Christendom
These men were imprisoned because they would not agree to take the oath.
This act stated that if you denied the King as head of the church, it was treason.
About a year after Cranmer's pronouncement of the marriage, the Pope stated that Henry's marriage was:
In what year were Bishop Fisher and Thomas More executed?
This woman was executed for treason as a result of a Parliamentary Attainder - she predicted the King's death
Appeals Statute did not take England out of _____
Who probably wrote the Supplication Against the Ordinaries, but definitely edited it?
This Parliament was called in 1529 and had seven different sessions

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