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This man translated the Bible and was burned as a heretic.
This type of heretic believed that humans had more power over their future than the Church would allow; Henry VIII was considered to be this.
Was Henry VIII a Protestant?
This battle between the English and the Scottish was more of a skirmish than a battle, held at Flodden Field. About 10,000 Scots died; the English only lost 300-1,000 men.
Who was the leader of the English army at the previously mentioned battle? He was 70 years old at the time
Every time England went to war with France, __________ went to war with England.
As a result of these events, Henry made peace with whom?
Louis XII made peace with HVIII in exchange for a marriage to whom?
Who did Mary Tudor marry after the King of France died?
Mary Tudor was referred to as:
This event, held in 1520, was arranged by Wolsey as a grand celebration, and was attended by the courts of Henry VIII and Francis I of France
Who did Henry VIII decide to ally with after this event?
This man became Lord Chancellor as well as Archbishop of York, after growing up from a poor, obscure childhood
Where was the Field of Cloth of Gold held near?
How long did the Field of Cloth of Gold last?
This position required a person to represent the Pope in England
Cardinal Wolsey had control over this:
About how many pounds did Cardinal Wolsey receive annually?

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