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This belief of the Eucharist was upheld by Henry VIII and Stephen Gardiner, Bishop of Winchester
This version of the Eucharist was believed by Cranmer and stated that something happens while the priest prays over it, but it is not the body of Christ, just his ____________
This version of the Eucharist was not accepted by the Church of England and stated that the bread and wine remained bread and wine, and nothing happened.
How old was Edward VII when he became King?
What was the name of the group of men who helped Edward rule?
This man politicked and became the main regent, although HVIII didn't specify that anyone was more important, and acted on behalf of Edward as if he were King
Who was Edward Seymour's brother, who was unhappy that he didn't have as much power as his brother
Somerset repealed this, which stated that the Church Doctrine was Catholic
Somerset ______ the Treason Act
What did Somerset outlaw in church?
Somerset allowed priests, nuns, and monks to do this now.
This act dissolved the 'places' established to pray for the dead.
How many pounds did the previously mentioned act bring in?
This prayer book was written in 1549 by Cranmer
This made it mandatory for every priest to use that prayer book.
For the first time, all 9000 parishes had service in _____
This prayer book still used the word 'body' in communion, but forbade priest to _________ bread
Very carefully ________ prayer book
This was a skirmish in 1542 between the English and Scottish that Henry won and took many Scottish lords
Henry VIII wanted a marriage between Edward VII and this woman, tried to manage this by 'Rough Wooing'
This battle in 1547 was a great success for Somerset in Scotland, 1500 were taken prisoner and thousands were slain
What position did Thomas Seymour hold?
How many months after Henry's death did Thomas Seymour marry Catherine Parr?
In January 1549, Thomas Seymour was arrested for embezzling money and challenging his authority. After a Bill of Attainder, when was he executed?
Which areas comprised the West Country?
Rebels in West Country opposed what?
Who led the rebellion in Norfolk?
What were the rebels angry about?
Who led the armed force that put down the rebellion?
The Second Book of Common Prayer put a clause in that said if you were kneeling while praying, it isn't what?
This prayer book was upheld by?
This simplified what?
What replaced the alter, allowing the priest to face the congregation?
Was there a prayer for the dead?
Were people now forced to attend Church?
Edward VII wanted to change the succession so that who could have the throne?
Political nation rallied around who instead?
What did England sell back to the French because it was too expensive to keep?
Why did the nation support Mary Tudor as Queen?
What year did Edward VII die?

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