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According to Aristotle, this is the highest dramatic form.
This form of feminism thinks women are superior to men and that men cause suffering.
Which character in A Doll's House blackmailed Nora?
This work was first performed in 1602
How many stages are there of Chican@ Theatre?
This character wounds Hamlet, and then is killed by his own blade
Chican@ Theatre attempted to reach the popular ____ class audience.
Characteristic: Imitation of Life
Who directed Baraka?
Who wrote A Doll's House in 1879?
This element of tragedy creates the unity of action, place, and time
Shakespeare wrote in this style.
This form of feminism incorporates race, economics, etc.
Characteristic: Purging, audience goes through emotions
Aristotle says characters must be (list all the things!)
This is a movement of activists and scholars studying and transforming the relationship among race, racism, and power
This was the first major work on structure and analysis of drama and the art of poetry.
Characteristic: Suffering one's fate
This element of tragedy originated with the Dithyrambic chorus
This film's themes included poverty, urbanization, religion, and war.
True or false (dun dun DUN!): Nora decides to stay with her husband and work on their differences.
Characteristic: Challenging one's fate
When did the Chican@ Theatre Movement begin?
This movement began in France in the 1860s and is a direct observation of human behavior
This type of feminism is the least radical and focuses on equality between men and women.
Characteristic: Reversal of fortune
This element is the moral of the story
This play was an example of Verbatim Theatre. It had very specific stage directions and descriptive locations.
Characteristic: Fatal flaw
This is an extreme form of realism
This element of tragedy is the art of delivery.
Who wrote Zoot Suit in 1978?
This element of tragedy is the 'cheap thrill'
Who wrote Twilight: Los Angeles in 1992?
This incorporates history, creator, audience, and industry.
This character strives to help the members of the 38th St Gang, and ultimately falls in love with its 'leader'
Where does Hamlet take place?
This is a product of culture and is constructed and reconstructed to perpetrate systems of power and control.
Realism understands that characters might have hidden _______, even if it is unknown to them
This Chican@ playwright is not J.Lo, like Jenny from the Block

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