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Moises Kaufman and what group wrote Laramie Project?
What year did Laramie Project open in Denver?
This type of documentary documents the lives and cultures of different people and places.
This means a physical attitude or gesture independent of the text
One question to ask about a documentary is the position and POV of whom?
Laramie Project revolves around the murder of this man
This type of documentary is autobiographical or about a subject close to the film maker
What year was the Berliner Ensemble created?
This theory encompasses all non-normative sexual activity and/or identity
This play was about a mother who sells goods to soldiers to profit from war
This element of Brechtian theatre used historical events to reflect on present events
This playwright was also a director, theorist, and a lifelong Marxist.
This type of documentary pursues specific political, economic, or social agendas
Who directed Nanook of the North?
This is a term that means that heterosexuality is implied, but not stated
Does Objectivity Exist?
This element of Brechtian theatre was anti-catharsis and anti-Wagner, and made plays unfamiliar.
This play was about a dictator in Chicago who takes power by controlling the cauliflower marker - it was a disguised critique of Hitler
This element of Brechtian staging and acting was inspired by Mei Lanfang and the Peking Opera
This element of Brechtian theatre was designed to engage the audience, meaning that the play could take place over many years in many places. It operates through 'dialectical mater
Brecht believed theatre and the arts should provoke _______
This type of documentary uses newsreels and propaganda
What was a basic model for Epic Theatre?
This type of documentary uses fly on the wall style
The term 'absurd' was coined by Martin Esslin in this year
This type of theatre has its origins in Dada of the 1910s-20s
This philosophical movement discusses the relationship between human existence, the divine, and death
Who wrote Waiting for Godot?
This term means speaking in tongues or gibberish
Where was Waiting for Godot performed in November of 2006?
In Theatre of the Absurd, time is __________
This term means loss of language or lulls in language
What two characters are onstage in Waiting for Godot through the whole play? (alphabetical order)
Who comes upon those two men?
True or false: At the end of Waiting for Godot, they meet Godot.

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