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The philosopher who believe the purpose of the government was to protect our natural rights
The Constitution's emphasis on protecting the general welfare was based on this man's philosophies
Thomas Jefferson led this group who wanted the United States to be a confederate system of government
This group of people believed that a strong national government was necessary to the success of the early United States
The federalist papers were written warning that these were potentially the greatest threat to a democracy
People who identify with this political ideology are in favor of the states' retaining the most decision making power
People who identify with this political ideology believe that the national government should attempt to create equality in society
The process by which you develop your political beliefs is known as
Children tend to adopt the political beliefs of their
A system of government in which power is divided between state and national governments
This case was the basis of the national government's use of implied powers
This case established the interstate commerce clause as the basis for most implied powers
This case established the Supreme Court's power of judicial review
This amendment to the Constitution established that all citizens are entitled to equal protection under the law
Congressional committees such as the Judiciary Committee, Veterans Affairs Committee, and Education Committee are known as
The most powerful leader in Congress is the
Committee chairs in Congress are all chosen from the
Representation in this chamber of Congress is based on the population of each state
A rider that is added to a bill and that designates money to a congress member's district is known as an
The term that describes drawing congressional district lines to gain an advantage for one political party is
The committees that create a final version of a bill after it has passed through both the House and the Senate are
The process of trading favors for votes is known as
There are 15 of these bureaucratic agencies and each is led by an appointed Secretary
One of the checks that Congress has on the bureaucracy is the ability to control this
If a candidate wins the popular vote in a state, they will receive what percentage of that state's electoral college votes
Large, competitive states are known as what type of state
What part of the government is responsible for implementing the laws that are made
A case in which guilt has to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt
Most criminal and civil cases end in this

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