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A rule or regulation that carries the same weight as a law is called an
The President's ability to keep information classified is known as
An informal treaty is known as an
The Electoral College causes candidates to focus primarily on
This aspect of the Electoral College means that a candidate who wins the popular vote in a state wins all of the state's electoral votes
How old does a person have to be to run for the President of the United States
How many years does a person have to be a resident of the United States to run for President
Congress creates laws, but the bureaucracy _________ the laws
How many electoral votes must a candidate receive to be elected as President of the United States?
Who casts the tie breaking vote if no candidate receives 270 electoral votes?
What type of bureaucratic agency creates rules and regulations in different sectors of society?
Who appoints (and can remove) the leaders of bureaucratic agencies?
Who controls (and can cut) the budget of bureaucratic agencies?
In an iron triangle, what can an interest group give to a member of Congress?
In an iron triangle, what can a member of congress give to an interest group?
In an iron triangle, what does Congress control that is important to the bureaucracies?
Bureaucratic leaders are most accountable to their
This type of court case involves a dispute between two individuals
This type of court case can result in jail time
A ____________ of evidence must be established for guilt to be determined in a civil case
What percentage of jurors must agree for guilt to be established in a criminal case?
The number of justices that are on the Supreme Court
The President appoints judges and the ______ confirms
Judges who believe that the Constitution should be interpreted exactly the way that it was written are practicing which judicial philosophy
Judges who believe that their role is to use Judicial Review to create change in society are exercising which judicial philosophy?
What court case established the use of judicial review?

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