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He is an optimistic and friendly sea sponge who works at the Krusty Krab
SpongeBob's best friend and neighbor, who is a starfish
He plays the clarinet (badly), and has a deep interest in the arts
A squirrel from Texas
Mr. Krabs' rival who is the owner and founder of the Chum Bucket
SpongeBob's pet snail and Patrick's cousin.
SpongeBob's pufferfish teacher who runs a boating school.
Mr. Krabs' spoiled teenage daugher
Plankton's computer wife
one of SpongeBob's favorite superheros
Mermaid Man's sidekick
a bodybuilder who works as a lifeguard at Goo Lagoon.
a pirate ghost who haunts the seven seas
a live-action character who hosts SpongeBob SquarePants specials
Patchy the Pirate's pet parrot.
Squidward's high school rival, and current rival
next to the Dirty Bubble is 'the all-time greatest arch nemisis' of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy
an elderly fish who resides at Shady Shoals Rest Home
he tests a Krabby Patty, and shows to everyone that SpongeBob forgot the pickles
is a sentient soap bubble created by SpongeBob
SpongeBobs cousin who ruins everything
a student in SpongeBob's boating school class who wanted to 'kick SpongeBob's butt'.
Kisses spongebob and spongebob gets laughed at when he is at work
a former Krusty Krab frycook
Fake mother to Patrick
Fake father to Patrick
SpongeBob's cousin and was just released from jail
A large Green fish that was said to have a Torpedo lodged in his belly
a sea cucumber who is the leader of the Jellyspotters
arch nemesis of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. His form is that of a giant, dirty bubble
(voiced by Johnny Depp) is a surfing legend that lives on an island
.a Krusty Krab customer whose wallet was once stolen by Squidward.
the President of the Blandy Franchising Company
the King of the territory that includes Bikini Bottom and the surrounding areas.
A crude drawing of SpongeBob that came to life
a sink that is one of SpongeBobs buddy ideas
a rock that is one of SpongeBobs buddy ideas
nicknamed 'Angry Jack.' He owns a store that sells snail shells.
SpongeBob dreamed about him as a villain and tells everybody he got into a fight with him
a hand of a sailor that usually appears in several episodes
He was the owner of the '#1' soda pop drinking hat that Mr. Krabs tricked SpongeBob into buying
he tries to get revenge by strangling SpongeBob while posing as a bodyguard
A giant pink worm, described as 'Big, Scary, and Pink!'
A caterpillar who is one of Sandy's pets
Patricks pet snail and According to Patrick, he 'has nerves of steel
The orphaned scallop adopted by SpongeBob and Patrick
Spongebob wanted to name her Grace, Majesty, or Debbie
was a chicken egg that was the boating schools science project
a popular boy band consisting of three teenage fish
A used napkin. One of SpongeBob's 'indoor' friends

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