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QUIZ: Can you name the Modern Family characters by what Donald Trump would say about them on Twitter?

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Forced Order
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Serious daddy issues. Jealous of her dad's wife and mean to her kids. Such a nasty woman.
Super hot. I love Mexicans!
Low-Energy _____ is a terrible lawyer. I would fire him on the spot. Will never win a libel case against SNL.
Goes on about books all day. All talk, no action. What a snoozer!
Absolutely no fashion sense. Girls will never go home with him. A total loser!
I love babies, the future of America! (...) Wait, Steve Bannon says he's an anchor baby. Deport him!
A weak man who lets his women walk all over him. Never treats them like ****. Sad!
A bad golfer. I would beat him at golf no problem. Very old and slow!
Took on the establishment, won in a landslide. Tells it like it is. Fantastic person!
A real American. We love real Americans, gay or straight, black or white, whatever. Make America Great Again!
A businesswoman with looks and brains. I would hire her at my club in Mar-a-Lago. We have the best people!
Always complaining. Asks for more when many American kids are forgotten. Very unfair!

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