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Can you name the Batman Arkham Knight characters from the hints provided?

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Main antagonist
Sidekick of protagonist, developing a cure
Sidekick of protagonist, helps protagonist stop illegal weapons smuggling
Sidekick of protagonist, kidnapped by main antagonist
Protagonist's butler
Gotham City's Police Commissioner
Held hostage in an abandoned orphanage
Appears inside protagonist's mind
Antagonist who knows every strength and weakness of protagonist
Briefly takes over the Panessa Movie Studios
Robs banks across Gotham City
In charge of smuggling illegal weapons
Controls abandoned orphanage, has an army of robots
Assists protagonist in clearing away the Cloudburst gas
Sets fire to firestations across Gotham City
Aims to be the successor of protagonist
News reporter in GCPD building
Appears late in game, took payment in advance on this one
Has a hook for a hand after hand was bitten off
Provides protagonist with gadgets & vehicle upgrades
Used victims' facial parts to look like protagonist
(Voice only) Female news reporter
Appears very briefly in CCTV footage
Tries to cure deafness, turns into monstrous creature
Wife of the person who tried to cure deafness
After being defeated by protagonist, adopts this persona
Supplied main antagonist with the Cloudburst
Hangs his 'imperfect' victims on walls
(Infected with Joker blood) Secretary at Queen Industries
Infected with Joker blood) Performer
(Infected with Joker blood) Boxer
(Infected with Joker blood) First believed to be the cure
Believes himself to be a prophet of God
Chief of Gotham City Fire Department
(Voice only) Arch-enemy of Superman
(Voice only) Real name of Batwoman
Parents of protagonist
Appears in a cutscene at the very end of the game
(DLC) Sidekick of protagonist
(DLC) Antagonist of Red Hood Story Pack
(DLC) Obsessed with Alice in Wonderland, locks police officers in the back of police cars
(DLC) Causes a prison airship to crash out of the sky
(DLC) Militia troops kidnap wife
(DLC) Wakes up after being frozen on ice
(DLC) Very old man, dying, leader of the League of Assassins
(DLC) Daughter of the leader of the League of Assassins

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