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Bismarck's least favorite -ism
The movement away from one's homeland
Day that destroyed faith in the Tsar
German word for Caesar
Who made the 'Blood & Iron' Speech in 1862?
In the standard of Realpolitik, _____ is more important than principles
_______& Socialism posed a threat to the new German state?
Who came up with social welfare in Germany?
The leader of the Italian 'Red Shirts'?
In 1867 the dual monarchy of Europe consisted of Austria & _____
18 year old who inherited the Hapsberg throne?
Bismarck's position in the German government
Victor Emmanuel was the King of ________?
Nationalism was the downfall of the ______
Country that ruled the Philippines before the U.S.
The Crimean War was between ______& the Ottomans
A strong feeling of pride in & devotion to one's country is called
Anti-government activists are called_____?
Bismarck launched the Kulturkampf also known as the battle for _____?
Declared independence from France in 1804

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