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S*** is going DOWN on the 14th! #betrayal
WTF? Last night I was def a human... #existential
@Estragon, is this guy ever gonna show up?
Ready to go fishing w/ @BGorts, kinda wish this Jew would leave #expats
This train ride is F***** up! Everyone's alibi is airtight #conspiracy
Hope I find @Padfoot at the MoM; S***, Death Eaters be creepin!
First, I move in with the rents; next, Dad starts having hallucinations about some babe; wish I could go back to that game #glorydays
If I had known fixing my curtains would end like this I would have hired someone... #meaningoflife
Going on a sleigh ride w/ @themistress
Either this painting goes, or I do #immortality
We were so close to Italy... @QueenofGods still can't let it go #inmediares
Just washed up on Illyria; already found cute guy! #mistakenidentity
1 day gone, 79 to go; peace out, London #herewego
1 night, 4 ghosts; I am officially a changed man #whatdayisit?
Kind of wish @Pegleg would leave me alone #Manversusnature
@Virgil is taking the phrase 'go to hell' to a whole new level #woah
Literally going to the Guillotine for this girl. Really starting to hate France #ultimatesacrifice
Not loving my new fashion accessory #publicshame
Time for a post snack shopping spree! Just realized how naked I am #originalsin
Something's bumpin in the floorboards #guilt

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