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Can you name the Japanese loanwords used in English?

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ClueWordLiteral translation
A spitz-type dog breed
Japanese animation
Video game company, founded in the USA in the 70s
___ charge, a reckless attack
Tiny trees
Martial arts advanced rank
Martial arts training location
Dish of pufferfish, potentially poisonous
A type of mattress
Female entertainer and hostess
Three line poem
Ritual suicide
Leader, head ___
A judo throw, scoring a full point
Rock, paper, scissors
Elaborate theatre style
Suicide pilots
Japanese syllabic writing system
Chinese characters used in writing Japanese language
Amatuer singing entertainment
A track cycling race, which begins behind a motorised bike
A type of robe
A variety of carp
Martial arts novice rank
Japanese comic book
ClueWordLiteral translation
A stealthy assassin
Weapon; two sticks connected by a chain
Paper folding
Obsessive fan of japanese media and culture
Pinball game
A type of thin noodle, popular with students
Human-powered vehicle
Japanese written in the Latin alphabet
Rice wine
Raw fish dish
A small orange
Matial arts instructor
A type of massage
Japanese religious system
Bullet train
Ground fish, as used to make imitation crab meat
A type of wrestling
Famous rice dish
Lightly battered seafood and veggies
Glazed and grilled meat or fish
Soy bean curd
A large wave
Business magnate
Sweet, sour, salty, bitter, _____

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