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Can you name the Italian loanwords used in English?

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ClueWordLiteral translation
Singing with no backing music
Platform extending out from a building
Someone who works in a coffee shop
Dim, but pretty, woman
Well done for getting this one right!
Flowering vegetable related to cabbage - not popular with kids
A folded pizza
Brief appearance in a film or play etc.
Do you understand?
Gambling establishment
Stringed instrument, played by Yo-Yo Ma
Musical instruction to gradually play louder
A pair
A very strong coffee
Elaborate and spectacular theatrical performance
A complete and utter failure
The last episode in a TV series
Painting applied to wet plaster
Deprived urban area
Vandalism or art involving painting in public places
A small cave or cavern
Coffee drink made with steamed milk
A common second language
Criminal organization
A vegetable soup
ClueWordLiteral translation
Short phrase
Soft cheese, often made of buffalo's milk
A type of fundamental particle
Short novel
Musical theatre show
Photojournalists, especially of celebrities
Dish of boiled wheat dough
A keyboard instrument
Public square
Someone with an inflated ego, a diva
A meat based sauce
Series of boat races
The outline of a plot or setting
Performance by a single person
A unit of poetry
A pointy knife or shoe
An artist's workshop, or where films are made
Speed (of music)
The middle of the body
Keeps you dry
Stringed instrument, played by Vanessa Mae
A custard dessert, or eggnog
A type of squash, also called a courgette

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