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I would not want to live with or near wonder the Jeffersons movedA
Feeny might be the most lovable stalker on television B
Enough with the sweater vests Cliff C
Story lines on this Soap move about as fast as 'Sands Through an Hour Glass'D
Sorry Chris Rock, your version just was not as good E
Hey baby I hear the blues a-callin. Tossed salad and scrambled eggs. F
Are these people really qualified to work in a hospital? They act like they belong in High SchoolG
Spinach is to Popeye, as Vicodin is to...H
With Ethel by her side she never ran out of hair brained schemes I
I wonder how old Nina Van Horn actually was? J
Doug may be the King, but Carrie still calls the shotsK
The Survivors of this crash probably wish they were on Gilligan's IslandL
Moral of the Story: 1960's Advertisers = Chauvinistic PigsM
With a laugh like that how could Mr. Sheffield not love herN
It seems like everybody is a Scott in this North Carolina dramaO
PLINKO Great....Drew Carey not so muchP
This 'fab five' had answers for and problems with everythingQ
So how exactly did Angelica speak 'baby' and 'adult?' R
ClueTV SHOWStarts With
America's yellow four fingered family spanning 4 decadesS
If you blinked you may have missed ConanT
Shes not just Ugly, shes Fugly U
When did Juliet get off the island and start fighting aliens V
I mean, Winnie wasn't even that pretty (Sorry Kevin)W
Lucy Lawless could kick all of our a***sX
I guess its better then 'The Old and the Relaxed'Y
Don Diego de la Vega and his trademark hat and mask were pretty bad a**Z
The original, low budget version of this gameshow1
What if the clock broke? Would the terrorists win? 2
Liz Lemon might be the perfect woman3
Thats a lot of missing people4
This time the number comes at the end. These Salingers may be orphans, but they sure know how to party5
3600 Seconds for 42 Years. WIll that stopwatch ever stop working?6
Theres no way Eric and Annie could support that many kids on a reverands salary 7
Rules, yes.... Simple, no. RIP John Ritter8
Whether its the 1st or 2nd version this Zip Code comes with drama9
In less than an hour, man made disasters can strike0

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