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Question Word
Five letters: __________ Lindelof
DHARMA phrase
Nigerian castaway who spoke softly and carried a big stick (Last Name)
DHARMA station that houses the frozen wheel
He did not exactly finish the sail boat race (First and Last Name)
Portrays Kate (First and Last Name)
Skeleton on the Nigerian plane (First Name)
Killed by Desmond on September 22, 2004 (Last Name)
Got a knife in her back thanks to Locke (First Name)
In season 6, she messed with dynamite and went BOOM! (First Name)
Turnip Head (First Name)
Boone sustained fatal injuries while in a plane from this country
Bit the dust in 'Two for the Road' (First Name)
Should have stayed away from the dynamite (Last Name)
Mr. Friendly (First Name)
Alias: Kevin Johsnon (First Name)
Killed by above character (First and Last Name)
The other, smaller island
It was his idea to blow up the Hydrogen Bomb (First Name)
Originally flew the above character to the island (Last Name)
Desmonds original home on the island...4,8,15,16,23,42
Juliet's first 'centric' episode
Bernard's pre-island job
Egyptian statue on the island
The fifth number
Guards the Lamp Post (First and Last Name)
Infiltrates the tail section (First Name)
Actor who plays Jarrah (First and Last Name)
Republican Guard/Torturer (First Name of Above Character)
Hurley's imaginary friend (First Name)
The second number
Dogen protected this place...until Sayid drowned him
The finale is specifically known as 'The ____ Parts 1 and 2'
Ana Lucia and Libby's killer (Last Name)
Sayid's off island love (First Name)
Kate, Sawyer, and Claire came on Oceanic but left on...
Question Word
Stole Locke's kidney and indirectly caused the death of Saywer's parents (First and Last Name)
Hurley loved to eat buckets of this Dharma Dressing
'Some Like it _______' - Miles centric episode
Ethan's dad ((First and Last Name)
Co-Founding Couple of the Dharma Initiative (Just the Last Name)
Episode after 'Pilot'...Blank Slate
The financial backer of the Dharma Initiative (First and Last Name)
This airlines brought our castaways to the island
Drowned in the Looking Glass (First and Last Name)
He was not on the manifest but he sure likes Claire (First and Last Name)
One eyed and hard to kill
Sawyer's alias (Last Name)
Retired on the island with husband and dog (First and Last Name)
Abusive father of (alias) Henry Gale (First and Last Name)
After running into Ana Lucia, losing her inhaler was the least of her problems (First and Last Name)
Her transmission went on for 16 years (First and Last Name)
The proper name of Charlie's home country
Pierre Chang's son (First and Last Name)
Season 6 Hurley-centric episode
Well at least his brother Sayid could kill the chicken (First Name)
Ageless, the island's number 2 before Ben (First Name)
Charlie's band ('You all everybody')
Portrays Locke and sometimes MIB (First and Last Name)
Connected to Locke and Hurley: Randy ______ (Last Name)
Jack saved her instead of Shannon's father (First Name)
He may be called Hurley, but his real name is ____ (First Name)
The name of the first Dharma video Locke and Jack watched
She should have stayed away from the Medusa Spider (First and Last Name)
Thankfully her time was short lived and ended with a slit throat (First Name)
When they first crashed Ana Lucia helped take care of Zach and his sister (First Name)
Born and died on the island, thanks to Keamy and a gun shot to the head (First and Last Name)
Karen and Gerald DeGroot were doctoral candidates at this school
Portrays Richard, and he does not actually wear eye liner (First and Last Name)
Charlie's London girlfriend and One of Kate's aliases (First Name)
Actress who portrays Sun Kwon (First and Last Name)
In the beginning Jack was a Man of Science and Locke was a
Question Word
First Sun/Jin-centric episode
A dentist and a cancer patient (Last Name)
Juliet practiced her research on this relative (First Name)
If we cant '______ _______, then were gonna ______ ______' - Jack Shephard
4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 are the core values in the Valenzetti ______
Took a flaming arrow to the chest in 1954 (First and Nickname)
Turning the Orchid Station wheel causes the person to exit the island and appear in this country
In season one Locke dubbed the MIB and his mother...'Our very own ______ _____ _____'
Season one finale
Bernard wanted to write this in the sand using rocks
Jacob's replacement's pre-island occupation (Be specific - 2 Words)
Locke's pre-island love (Last Name)
Kate killed Wayne Janssen to protect her (First Name)
US Marshall who arrested Kate ______ Mars (First Name)
Aside from Lost, he has appeared in Lord of the Rings and Wolverine: _______ Monaghan
Oceanic Stewardess turned substitute mom for Zach and Emma (First and Last Name)
This animal had a number 8 written on in it before Ben pretended to kill it
At one point Eko was referred to as Father ______ (Last Name)
When Desmond failed to push the buttons, an excessive amount of this was released and cause 815 to crash
Claire is to Aaron as ______ is to Jack (First and Last Name)
Actor who portrays Jin Kwon: ______ Dae Kim (First Name)
Oceanic 815's destination was the island, not this city (which was the original plan)
The Black Smoke could not get past this type of fence
If his gun hadn't jammed then maybe he would have left the 16 year old transmission (First Name)
He was sucked into the plane's turbine, becoming the first on screen death: Gary _____ (Last Name)
Aliases include Marvin Candle and Edgar Halliwax (First and Last Name)
Before he died Charlie made a list. He called it his ______
Ana Lucia's impailment victim (Last Name)
Actress who portrays Claire Littleton (First and Last Name)
Charlie's dying message
Sayid's superior in the Republican Guard (First Name)
This was written on the opening to the Swan
Initials of the creator of the Valenzetti Equation
Along with Jack we begin and end our journey with him
Ana Lucia, Eko, Libby, and Bernard were all part of the this section of the plane
The show that made all of this and so much more possible for six great seasons

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