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Can you answer these questions about the Origin of Mario and the Original Japanese Names? Hope you learn something!

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Forced Order
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Mario's Original name
Mario's first game
Mario's creator
Bowser's name is based on...
Luigi's name is based on...
Koopa's name (in Japan) is called...
Goomba's name (in Japan) is called...
The other Goombas in Super Mario World are called (in Japan)...
Wario's name is based on...
Toad's name is based on...
True or False? Nintendo were going to make a Bad/Warui Peach?
True or False? Mario and Luigi are mononymous proving the Hollywood movie wrong?
Who is the older brother? Mario or Luigi?
Who did Mario save in Donkey Kong?
Mario was first voiced by...
Finally... Why did Donkey Kong capture Pauline?

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