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Can you name the Sahabah (Companions) of Prophet Muhammed

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Participated in all battles but Badr and wanted to die a martyr
Cousin of the Prophet and youngest of the people to travel to Abyssinia
Migrated to both Abyssinia and Medina and killed his father who was fighting for the Quraish
Prophet's first and most beloved wife
Was a Jew heard of Prophet in scriptures so became a Muslim
Heard about the Prophet from a Christian Monk
The first Caller of the Adhan
Companion who came from Persia
One of the wives of the Prophet and daughter of Abu Bakr
Youngest daughter of the Prophet
Brother-in-law of the Second Caliph
Third Caliph of Islam
One of the youngest companion, became a Muslim at the age of 17
Looked after the Prophet as a child
Prophet's uncle who died in the Battle of Badr
Named after 'The Merciful' and one of the first to migrate to Mecca
Never met the Prophet but was searching for the truth
Second Caliph of Islam
Known as As Siddiq and was the Prophet's best friend?
Son of the first martyr of Islam
Cousin of the Prophet who spoke in Abyssinia
Fourth Caliph of Islam

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