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Can you name the Pokemon moves that are considerably less useful than most?

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Forces the foe to assault someone they want to marry
The worst move of all time made for the worst Pokemon of all time, Magikarp
You commit suicide in order to lower the Pokemon's attack stats. Seriously?
Heals 1/2 of the opponent's HP. The OPPONENT'S HP! No, it is not a bug!
Here's my item. You take it, and I'll sacrifice it. Even though it cost 9999 BP. Oh, you have an item! Never mind. Only useful if your holding an item that hurts yourself.
Isn't useful at all unless the opponent uses Bide. There are much better stat lowering moves. Most Lv. 5 Pokemon know it.
A brilliant move… at failing! It fails if you are in a Single Battle or if everyone else have done their move.
Isn't really THAT bad a move. You blow up to deal great damage and very useful when you have low HP. Except the suicidal thing still isn't working for me.
This is REALLY stupid. If you use it you run away from battle. What are you, a COWARD?!? And if you are just use loads of Repels until you have no money left, you scaredy cat!
Sure, I guess it's cool for slicing trees that get in your way, but in battle? It's useless!
The first move that Lv. 5 Pokemon learn. Great for simple battles at the beginning but becomes useless later.
I'm surprised this doesn't cause recoil damage or gives you a status effect called 'Headache'.
The target will move next this turn, ignoring priority. If the target has already moved this turn, _____ ____ fails.
ONLY does damage to Pokemon who have used Protect/Detect in that turn.
Return is the opposite of this and is a lot better. Your Pokemon REALLY has to hate you and has to die A LOT for this to be any good.
This move increases chance a tiny bit of landing critical hits. That's it.
This does 85 damage. Doesn't sound to bad? Well, it's a SIGNATURE move for a LEGENDARY! Most signature moves are 150 and kill every time! Changed in Gen VI.
Reduces Fire Moves by 67% but most Water Types know it. What's the point? Similar to Mud Sport.
Okay, get this. It has no priority, and the target Pokemon who gets hit will attack LAST, provided it already didn’t attack anyone yet.
When used, it will do one of the following: Damage with 40 base power, Damage with 80 base power, Damage with 120 base power, Heal the target by 80 HP
Foresight removes a Ghost-type Pokémon's immunity to Fighting-type and Normal-type attacks and restores the target's evasion stat to normal. It never fails. WOW! That is REALLY us

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