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Can you name these characters?
Has been chasing ghosts for decades
He's frustrating, yet addictive and he bashes into pipes
Fiery Pokemon with wings. Evolves from a starter.
He's from Captain N and his game is named after a guy who got scorched by the sun
He's the guy with the big fist in The Brilliant 101. Brilliant? I think it's brilliant.
Main character of the scheme where 'toys come to life'
First just an avatar but now in lots of games!
Disney's mascot. He's so cute but he's related to a rat.
He's rather fat, he is a sumo wrestler and he is named after a car company
He's funny, he's yellow, he can build stuff and he's got his own movie
The Ace Attornie's sidekick
He likes to punch clowns and has his own Lego game!
Green monsters from the popular survival game
A robot fighting against Dr. Wily
Alive plants that come in different colours and were discovered by a tiny astronaut
He's the fastest thing alive!
Can you name these characters?
Nobody can understand me and I am orange. What am I? (I AM NOT ANNOYING ORANGE!!!)
Everyone's favourite green-capped plumber
The prince of all saiyans
He sucks but his games don't!
Crazy bunnies that always scream
Known as the flame striker and one of the best players in the fake football (soccer) series
An old ape that is a relative to the Donkey Kong
His fists aren't attached to his body and he was created in 1995
Birds hate pigs. Especially when they're green.
Green gloves, swift moves, minuscule in height and earned a debut in SSB4
Blonde haired elf who brandishes his sword
Has been on the front cover of PES's rival for 2013 and 2014
They're friendly, they grow, they like sunbathing and they try to stop the apocalypse against cartoon zombies.
The Legendary Pokemon that (supposed to) looks like an X
Tea, hint coins and puzzles. This man is a true gentlemen.

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