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Can you name the Movies, TV Shows and characters that begin with Q, U, V, W, X, Y and Z?

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A member of the X-Men
A movie about an old man who flies somewhere in a flying house that has lots of balloons on it.
A character in a children's show called 'In the Night Garden'
Main character of Steam game VVVVVV
Name either of the Unova legendary Pokemon that resemble grey-blackish foxes
Microsoft's games console that has a rivalry with Playstation
A popular website that has videos uploaded to it all the time from around the world
An anime and playing card game where you send out powerful monsters to fight each other
A music competition similar to Britain's got Talent to find new singing talent
American quiz show where a maximum prize is $1,000,000 offered if you correctly answer several multiple choice questions
A science documentary about 5 discoveries that link to each other in peculiar ways
A suit in playing cards that is similar to a king
A 2008 Pixar film about a waste collecting robot in the distant future
A 2012 Disney film set in a video game world about a 'bad guy' wanting to become a 'good guy'
A family cartoon character who is accompanied by 'Boo Boo' and loves stealing picnic baskets
An orange arcade game character that jumps around a pyramid avoiding enemies and obstacles
A massively multiplayer online role player game created in 2004 which takes place in a fantasy world called Azeroth
The evolved form of Cyndaquil
The grand jedi master from Star Wars
Action adventure game created by Ubisoft where you hack into devices and you are either criminal or vigilantes
A crybaby Smurf that wails at a drop of a hat. He holds a yellow handkerchief
Mario's rival who is fat, wears pink overalls, farts a lot and has a twin brother as well
A caterpillar enemy in Mario that has a flower on his head. When angered it turns red and stampedes everywhere
The evil professor in Mega Man
The crocodile Sonic character that is in love with cash and wears lots of gold
A female Scooby Doo character that wears glasses and an orange sweater
A very strange children's TV show for Cartoon Network that features a tiger, a pizza, a dinosaur a purse and a person who is everyone's relative
The main character of Frankenweenie
A story and 2009 film about a boy called Max who runs away from home to find a place of giant monsters who make him their king
A first person shooter that can be played on GBA, SNES, PS3, XBOX 360, iOS, Windows and Mac. You are trying to escape from prison and defeat the Nazis
Prince of all saiyans in anime, Dragon Ball Z
A TV show made by Hanna Barbera and has Dastardly, Scooby Doo, Lazy Luke etc. racing each other
The 5th in the Chronicles of Narnia series
In Harry Potter he is known as 'He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named'
Ron and his family's surname in Harry Potter
Sullivan and Mike from Monster's Inc. What is Mike's surname?
The old man, master builder, in The Lego Movie
Batman's surname and Rooney's first name
The second main character in The Lego Movie
Fill in the blank. The Legend of _________
The only two female characters in Super Smash Bros. 4 that begin with Z

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