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Forced Order
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A longship with rowers floats in front of a large stylized sun
A human in mid-stride holds a flame aloft
Two completely blank pages of an open book on a red background
A lantern without a flame
A stylized mountain with three peaks is surrounded by 3/4 of a circle with a flattened top
A female archer prepares to shoot a star-tipped arrow
A man with his right arm thrust behind him and his left in front of his body walks purposefully to the right
In the upper sector, a red flame; below, blue water
A red flag with two thick red stripes separated by a thin band of white flutters above the first half of the company's name
An all-black bird on a white background spreads its wings and dips its head
The right half of a white uppercase 'R' cuts through a black square
A greyhound in mid-stride runs to the left
A profile drawing of a black and white bird on a yellow background as he looks to the right
An estate with a large building in the back and two smaller buildings in front
A black and white bird on an orange background looks to the left
A dolphin curls around an anchor

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