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QUIZ: Can you name the facts from The Simpsons episode Bart on the Road?

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Where is Principal Skinner going for Spring Break?
Where does Lisa go for 'Take Your Child To Work Day'?
Where does Bart go?
And Milhouse?
What R-Rated movie do Bart, Milhouse, and Nelson see?
Where do Bart, Milhouse and Martin tell their parents they are going?
Where does Nelson originally want to go?
Where do the boys decide to go?
What singer do the boys see in Branson, Missouri?
What do the boys end up buying at their destination?
What crushes the boys' car?
What job does Bart take so that he can get home?
What does Bart deliver to Hong Kong?
What is he asked to take to Marlon Brando's island?
What does Homer Simpson order from the Oak Ridge Nuclear Facility to get the boys home?

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