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Can you name the Facts about the O.J. Simpson Murder Trial?

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Official Title of the Prosecution
Full Name of the Defendant
Trial's Nickname
Trial start [Opening Statements] (month, year)
Murder Victim
Murder Victim
Area of Los Angeles in which the murders took place
Vehicle driven in low-speed car chase when Simpson failed to show up to turn himself in
...driven by
Presiding Judge
Lead Prosecuting Attorney
Prosecuting Attorney (co-counsel)
Defense Attorney
Defense Attorney
Defense Attorney
Defense Attorney
Defense Attorney
Brand of shoe that produced the prints left at the murder scene
O.J. Simpson tried this on during the trial to prove it was too small for him
...causing a defense attorney to quip, '__ __ _______ ___, ___ ____ ______'
LAPD detective accused of racism during the trial and later convicted of perjury
Book O.J. Simpson wrote in 1995 to raise money for his defense
Book O.J. Simpson wrote in 2007 in which he hypothetically explains how he could have committed the murders
Verdict delivered in (month, year)

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