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DesciptionJedi (full) Name
Grand master of the jedi order upon the death of master Zym
Adept at battle meditation, companion of Revan
grand master of the jedi order (20BBY)
Master of the Order (20BBY)
Sword of the Jedi
Becomes Darth Caedus
Becomes Darth Vader
Replaces Yaddle on the Jedi High Council
Besalisk jedi who betrays the republic
Master of Jaden Korr
DesciptionJedi (full) Name
famously killed by Darth Maul
Sister of Luke Skywalker
writer of 'The Jedi Path' (a grandmaster)
Darth Malgus' most famous kill
corrupted apprentice of Orgus Din
Jaesa Willsaam's jedi master
Han and Leia's third child
Plo Koon's wookiee master
Kira Carsen's torgruta jedi Master
fatally wounded the sith lord Vindican

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