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Can you name the characters in the Fox show Gotham?

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Ben McKenziePolice Detective (Detective Comics #27)(1-)
Sean PertweeButler/Ex-marine (Batman #16)(1-)
Robin Lord TaylorGangster/Bird Enthusiast (Detective Comics #58)(1-)
Zabryna GuevaraCaptain of Homicide Squad (Batman #405)(1-)
Erin RichardsEmergency Doctor/Gordon's ex-fiancé (Batman #404)(1-)
Donal LoguePolice Detective (Detective Comics #441)(1-)
Jada Pinkett SmithCrime Boss/Gangster (Original Character)(1)
David MazouzOrphan/Future Billionaire (Detective Comics #27)(1-)
Camren BicondovaOrphan/Thief/Pickpocket (Batman #1)(1-)
Cory Michael SmithForensic Scientist (Detective Comics #140)(1-)
Victoria CartagenaPolice Detective (Major Crimes Unit) (Batman #475)(1)
Andrew Stewart JonesPolice Detective (Detective Comics #742)(1)
Nicholas D'AgostoAssistant District Attorney (Detective Comics #66)(2-)
Morena BaccarinPhysician/Gordon's girlfriend (Detective Comics #457)(2-)
Chris ChalkJunior Executive (Batman #307)(2-)
Michael ChiklisPolice Captain (Original Character)(2-)
Drew PowellMob Enforcer (Original Character)(2-)
Jessica LucasJames Frain's Lead Enforcer and Sister (Original Character based on Tigress)(2-)
James FrainBillionaire Industrialist (Original Character)(2-)

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