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Who's assassination caused the start of the First World War?History
Lenin was succeeded by?History
In 1904, the area that is known as 'Times Square' in Manhattan was renamed to Times Square, what was it called before? History
What year did the Titanic sink?History
The first Olympiad was held in Greece in the year?History
How many strings does a violin have?Music
Which classical composer became deaf near the end of his life?Music
How many instruments are there in a string quintet?Music
What type of music did Louis Armstrong play?Music
What nationality was Mozart?Music
Name one film that won Academy awards in every nominated category?Films
Who played the 'Man of Steel'?Films
Who is Iron Man?Films
What is the correct quote out of - 'Luke, I am your father!' or 'No, I am your father'?Films
Who played the T-1000?Films
When was PacMan the Google homepage? Video Games
How many games are there in the Elder Scrolls series?Video Games
How many Halo games are there?Video Games
How many Final Fantasy games are there?Video Games
What is the best selling PS3 game of all time?Video Games

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