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I don't need no sympathy. I won't cry and whine.
And you've had enough searching for love and you miss the touch.
Oh, we don't need any diamonds or gold. Watch the mystic and cryptic unfold as we fly high.
I know the battles of chasing the shadows of who you wanna be. It doesn't matter, go on and shatter.
Gonna go and get me a shot. Gonna knock it back forget all my blues.
Walking hand in hand. You are all I ever want.
I’ve been standing here my whole life. Everything I’ve seen twice.
Put your little hand in mine and look into my eyes, baby eyes.
Werk b****, you don't got to stress this.
I wanna start a revolution, a type of personal solution.
She wants to introduce me to her friend Eddie. What is she tryin’ to do to me?
I walk around and I feel so lost and lonely. You're everything that I want, but you don't want me.
Walk that walk like you don't give a f**k, you got a right to turn it up and get down.
You feel the weight of lies and contradictions that you live with everyday.
Take it off and try me on.
You'd better get out of the game it's never gonna be the same.
Welcome to my world of truth. I don't wanna hide any part of me from you.
It's alright, you'll be fine baby I'm in control. Take the pain, take the pleasure I'm the master of both.
All you ever think is 'Gimme, gimme' but you never give back.
But baby you're beautiful and there's nothing wrong with you.
Forget about the sunrise. Fight the sleep in your eyes. I don't wanna miss a second with you.
So I got my boots on, got the right 'mount of leather.
I get kinda dark, let it go too far.
There he goes, my baby walks so slow. Sexual tictactoe.
It's too good cause I know the second you go. Want cha to bring it on back, bring it on back, bring it on back to me.
It's late at night and I can't sleep. Missing you just runs too deep.
I can't say all the little things that I want to tell you right now.
Where are you? I need someone to be my lover.
They say we'll rot in hell but I don't think we will.
There's no one left in the world, I'm gunslingin'. Don't give a f**k if I go down.
No I don't give a f**k if the sun comes up, yeah.
Cause nobody feels you like I do. Nobody kills me like you do.

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