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Can you supply each common term, name, etc that matches both clue words together?

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Big 4 Sport Team Names
Carolina (NFL) + Florida (NHL) 
New York (NFL) + San Francisco (MLB) 
Arizona (NFL) + St. Louis (MLB) 
New York (NHL) + Texas (MLB) 
Los Angeles (NHL) + Sacramento (NBA) 
Word Play Terms
'racecar' + 'never odd or even' 
'New York Times' + 'Monkeys write' 
'meow' + 'achoo' 
'jumbo shrimp' + 'living dead' 
'flour/flower' + 'suite/sweet' 
US President First Names
Jackson + Johnson 
Harrison + Taft 
Bush + Washington 
Kennedy + Tyler 
Polk + Buchanan 
Movie Directors
'Ted' + 'A Million Ways to Die in the West' 
'Jaws' + 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' 
'Star Wars' + 'American Graffiti' 
'Dial M for Murder' + 'Foreign Correspondent' 
'Pulp Fiction' + 'Django Unchained' 
Corporate Headquarter Locations (City)
AT&T + Southwest Airlines 
Coca-Cola + Home Depot 
Boeing + Exelon 
Anheuser-Busch + Hardee's 
Starbucks + Amazon.com 
Pokémon Types
Sudowoodo + Bonsly 
Luvdisc + Manaphy 
Mightyena + Liepard 
Shelmet + Illumise 
Nidorino + Gulpin 

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